Thursday, September 4, 2008

Modaka & Kai Kadabu

Modaka is a sweet dish and it is mostly done during Ganesh Chaturthi. Fried or steamed Modakas are prepared with different ingredients. Traditionally it used to be prepare with rice or wheat flour and used jaggery or sugar. But now a days people have tried with chocolate and prepared chocllate modakas, kova modakas, paneer (cottage cheese) modakas etc.
Here is a traditional way of preparing modaks and kaikadubu which is also done during this Ganesha festival. 

Things Needed : 

Outer layer : 
Rice flour : 1 Cup 
Water : 2 Cups 
Salt : a pinch
Hoorana (to stuff it inside)
Coconut : 1 Cup 
Jaggery : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Cardamom:  2 to 3 pods. 

Method :  

1. Keep water for boiling in a pan or bowl.
2. Add rice flour when the water starts to boil and stir well. Let the flour mix well with water and turns thick
3. Stir continuously til it starts to leave the pan. 
4. Put off the fire and mix the thick dough nicely by just touching the water. ( The mixture will be very hot). 
5. Keep another pan and put jaggery and 1 tablespoon of water. 
6. Let the jaggery melt nicely. Sieve the content with tea strainer. 
7. Grate coconut and dry grind it with cardamom seeds. (remove the seeds from pods and add it to coconut).
8. Keep the cleaned jaggery content and add dry ground coconut. Stir well and let the coconut mixture turn thick.
9. Now take a small size of rice dough and  shape as ball. Flattened the rice dough on your palm. 
10. Keep a teaspoon of coconut jaggery mixture in side and bring up all the sides of the modaka upside. Let it be like a stick shape.
11. Prepare all the dough the same way and then arrange them in a tray or idli cooker. 

13. Keep the modaka plate/ tray on the top of the bowl. Cover the pressure cooker with its lid and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.
14. Check the modakas that done with a knife edge. (just prick the knife and if the dough does not stick to the edge, modakas are done).
15. Keep the modakas for naivedya (samarpan) and serve as prasadam.   

 Note : The consistency of the dough should not be water or too hard. You can also use modaka mould to prepare modakas. Just place a small size of spread dough and then place the sweet content. close it. The mould helps to fold and gives a good shape. Add jaggery according to your wish. (more /less). Do not add any maida or rava to the dough.
Time :40 minutes
20  Modakas can be prepared.

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