Monday, July 11, 2011

Methi Leaves...and Potato Curry

Methi Leaves and Potato curry can be eaten with Rice ,Chapatis , Dosa or Idli..

Things Needed :
Methi Leaves : 1 to 2 Bundles
Potato: 2 to 3
Coconut : 2 Table spoons
Coriander Seeds : 2 Tea spoons
Jeera : 1/4 Tea spoon
Red Chillies : 4 to 6
Mustard Seeds : 1/2 Tea spoon
Urd Daal : 1/2 Tea spoon
Curry leaves : 4 to 6
Ingh : a pinch
Salt : to taste
Oil : 1 Tea spoon
Tamarind pulp: 1 Table Spoon
Turmeric powder : a pinch
Water : 2 cups.

Method : Wash and cut Methi leaves in to small. Wash potato and cut in to big pieces. ( Do not remove the skin ). Boil Methi and potatos in one cup of water until it cooked soft.
Now grind coriander seeds , jeera , red chillies and coconut with small quantity of water until it turns into paste. Remove from the jar.
Keep a pan on the fire and put oil and heat for 1 minute. Add mustard seeds and urud daal . Let the mustard seeds spurt . Now add curry leaves and ingh. Add boiled Methi leaves and potatoes. Add turmeric powder . salt and tamarind pulp. Mix well and boil for 3 to 4 minutes.
Add ground coconut mixture and boil for 5 minutes. Stir in between . Serve Methi -Potato curry with hot rice .
Note : Can add one tea spoon of rice (soak the rice for 10 minutes ) while grinding masala to get the thicker gravy. Can add 1 spoon of jaggery to the gravy while cooking . Adding 1 table spoon of ghee to the curry gives better taste. Can use Palak , Spinach and other edible leaves instead of Methi leaves.
Serves :3

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