Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almond - Besan Burfy

Sweets are always yummy to munch. Small piece of any sweet after food is always welcome. Most of the people have the habit of eating little sweet after lunch or dinner. So there should be little sweet at home right. I do prepare some or the other sweet at times. Here is such one Almond - Besan Burfy.
I have used some almond flakes on the top also.

Let us see the recipe now .
I have used besan/channa flour, sugar, almonds and ghee. Remember to prepare this burfy on low flame. and cut it only when it is completely cooled. I had some guest and did not wait for burfi to cool.
Let us see the recipe.

Things Needed :

Almonds : 1/2  Cup.
Besan : 1 cup
Sugar : 2 Cups
Ghee : 1 Cup
Milk : 1/2 cup


1. Dry grind almonds with its skin and keep it aside.
2. Keep a pan and fry besan on low flame. ( For 5 minutes).
3. Add milk and mix it well. Add sugar and stir slowly and let it mix well.

4. Add little ghee and stir. Mixing the mixture is very important. It should not be stopped.
5. It starts to mix well and slowly it starts to bubble.

6. Stir continuously till it leaves the edges of the pan. Add ghee in between.
7. Add powdered almonds and keep stirring.

8. It thickens well and starts to come up. Stir slowly for another 4 to 5 minutes.
9. Add remaining ghee and stir, shift it to the tray or plate. ( plate/tray should be greased before).
10. Leave it for cooling. Spread almond flakes on the top.(Optional). Cut it according to your wish only when it cools.

Note : 

Do the whole process on low flame. Cut the burfy only when it completely cools down. You can add more ghee (optional). Use of almonds are optional. You can also use cardamom powder to get good aroma. ( I have not added).
Time : 20 minutes.
20 Pieces : According to size .

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