Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sajje (Pearl Millet) Rotti

Pearl Millet is one of the best food grain and it is completely gluten free. Using Pearl Millet flour I have tried preparing roti like chapati. Though it takes little bit more time to prepare rotis, they are healthy.

Pearl Millet is known as Sajje in Kannada, Kambu in Tamil, Bajra in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, Sajjalu in Telugu and Kambam Malayalam.
Now Let us see the benefits of using Pearl Millet.
Millets are a great source of starch, making it a high energy food. It is also an excellent source of protein and fiber. They are more easily digestible. They contain essential nutrients like B complex vitamins , folic acid, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. They maintain good heart health, lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Pearl Millet is a rich source of phosphors and iron.

Here is a recipe of Pearl millet roti , we can have them for dinner or lunch. 

Ingredients :

Pearl Millet : 3 Cups
Boiling water : 2 Cups
Salt :  required

Method : 

1. Keep water for boiling.
 2. Put Pearl Millet flour in a big bowl.

3. Now pour boiled water to the flour;
4.  Mix it slowly with the help of a table spoon. ( You can use a bigger spoon).
5. Use normal water and prepare dough . (Just like chapati dough but it will be softer and sticky than chapati dough).
6  Keep 1 cup of dry flour in a small bowl and a bowl of water near by the pan. It should be ready before you prepare roti.
.7. Now take a small ball of the dough and prepare ball shape. Dip this ball shape dough in the dry flour. (both sides).
8.  Roll this dough in to chapati shape.

9. Keep a tava on the fire and heat.  Put the rolled roti on the tava and cook on medium flame.
10. Dip  a clean cloth in a bowl of water and Try to take away the dry flour on the cooking rotti.

11. Press the rotti in between so that it helps to fluff up the roti. Turn the other side of the roti and cook for 15 to 20 seconds.

12. Rotis are ready to serve.
13. Repeat the same to prepare the roti with remaining dough.
14. I have prepared Bottle gourd  and red cow peas curry and it goes very well with Pearl Millet Roti.

 Serve hot roti with a ghee or butter and the curry you prepared.

 Note :

Do not pour all the boiling water at once. You must make sure whether the dough needs more water. You can use normal water if necessary. The dough turns sticky at times. You can use more flour if necessary. You must handle to lift the roti in a very slow movement or roti breaks up. You must knead the dough thoroughly to get proper consistency. Once you use water Sajje turns slightly green. The roti also looks slightly green . If you want kadak(hard) roti , cook roti for little more time on low flame.
Time : 40 minutes
Serves : 4 to 5