Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage Pakodas are fried and savoury food and we can have them with a cup of hot tea or coffee or with a cup of fresh juice. It can be eaten at any time of the day. Munching Cabbage Pakoda is fun when you have a book to read or watching a movie.
We can prepare this Cabbage Pakodas for the kitty party or kids party. You can serve them as starters.
Though eating oily food is not that good for the body, you must not completely ignore or avoid oil. It has its own good benefits on your body. Remember that anything is too much or goes beyond the limit is always harmful.
I have used  rice flour, a little maida and rava (medium size). Shredded cabbage, green chilly and curry leaves with little spices.
Always use the oil which is necessary for frying. (Not full pan). Try not re fry the oil since it is very bad for our heart. So better use minimum oil (or wanted quantity).  
Cabbage Pakodas do not contain any onion or garlic.

Lets see the recipe :
Ingredients :
Rice flour : 1 Cup
Maida : 1 Table spoon
Rava : 2 Table spoons (I used medium sized Rava).
Green Chilly : 2 to 3
Jeera (cumin seeds) : 1 Tea spoon
Cabbage : 1 Bowl
Salt : Required salt
Oil : 1 Cup
Curry Leaves : 1 Handful
1. Wash and cut cabbage, green chilly and curry leaves in to small pieces.
2. Take a big bowl add rice, maida, rava, jeera and salt. Mix it nicely.
3. Add cut cabbage mixture.
4. Keep a pan on the fire and heat 2 table spoons of oil.
5. Add this hot oil to cabbage and rice flour mixture and mix it nicely.
6. Add water little by little and prepare dough. It should not be very thick or very watery.( Poori dough consistency).
7. Keep a pan and put oil and heat.  Take a handful of the prepared dough and prepare pakodas.
8. You can squeeze the dough using your fingers and leave a small ball size of dough in the oil at time.  Fry on both sides and remove from the pan. Fry on medium heat.
9. Put it on the kitchen tissue and let the extra oil absorb by the tissue.
10. Repeat the same with remaining dough. You can prepare 5 to 6 pakodas at time.
11. Serve hot pakodas with ketch up or any chutney.
12. Crispy pakodas can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.
Note :
The dough should be thick  (like poori dough consistency) or it absorbs more oil. You can also add cut onions if you wish.( I did not ). The taste may differ. Do not add coriander leaves as it turns the pakodas soft . Adding more chilly or any other spice is optional.
Time : 20 minutes.
Serves : 4 to 5.