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Mixed Dal Dosa + Ondelaga leaves Chutney

Dals Dosa  with Ondelaga Chutney
Mixed Dal dosa is prepared using different dals like Channa,Urid,Toor and Moong Dal and raw rice. It is just like Ade ( Dal dosa). I have used a cup of curd and prepared dosa immediately. You get soft and tasty dosa by adding curd. Instead of leaving it for fermentation you can prepare it quickly and serve with any kind of chutney you prepare.
Ondelaga leaves are commonly known as centella and gottu kola. It is a small herbaceous, annual plant. It is used as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional African medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It is also known as the Asiatic pennywort or Indian pennywort. in English.
Let us see what do they call Ondelaga in different part of India and the benefits of having this leaves in our diet.
It is known as Thalkudi in Oriya, Saraswathi aku - Telugu, Kudavan or muththil or kudangal in Malayalam. Thanjuni -Bengali, Brahmi - Marathi, Ondelaga - Kannada, Vallaarai - Tamil, brahmi booti - Hindi, Perook in Manipuri. It is known as Timire in Tulu ( One of the language spoken in South Canera). This is known as Brahmi leaves in North Indial. Brahmi leaves are different from Ondelaga though they may have some similarities.
Ondelaga is an effective herb against depression. They are rich in anti oxidants and good for people suffering from gastric ulcers.
Ondelag leaves over dose may cause drowsiness.
Dalls are packed with proteins. Dals are rich in minerals like iron and potassium. Channa dal is rich in minerals like copper and manganese. Urid dal is rich in proteins and Vitamin B. Toor dal is rich in fibers and helps to regulate the bowel movements. Moong Dal is known as diet friendly dal. It is rich source of iron and potassium.
Here is a recipe of Dal Dosa and Ondelaga Coconut Chutney and it is easy to prepare and we can have them for Breakfast or as Evening Snack or for dinner too.

Things Needed :

For Dal Dosa:
Toor Dal : 1/2 Cup
Urid Dal : 1/2 Cup
Moong Dal : 1/2 Cup
Channa Dal : 1/2 Cup
Raw  Rice  : 2 Cups
Curd : 1 Cup 
Salt : to taste
Oil : 4 to 6 Table spoons

Method :

1. Wash all the ingredients separately and put it in a big bowl and soak overnight or 4 to 5 hours.
2. Now wash it again just before grinding and grind  till smooth using water little by little.
3. Remove from the mixi jar, put it in a big bowl.
4. Now add  salt and a cup of curd and mix the batter nicely.Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Keep a Dosa Pan on the fire and heat. Sprinkle little oil on the tava.
6. Take ladle full of the ready dosa batter and spread as round circle.
7.Cover dosa and cook for 1 minute. Sprinkle oil on the top.
8. And turn the dosa other side and cook for 10 to 20 seconds.
9. Repeat the same with the remaining batter and prepare dosas
10. Serve Hot dosa with the side dish you prepared. Top up dosa with a spoon of fresh ghee.

Note :

Do not use more water while grinding. Do not add beaten rice. Using curd makes dosa soft and tasty. You can use cut onions on the top while cooking . Adding more or less oil is optional. Using more rice is also optional. ( You can add one more cup of rice).
Time : 30 minutes . ( Soaking time separate....4 to 5 hours soaking time).

Odelaga Chutney. ( Gottu Kola leaves).

Things Needed :

Ondelaga Leaves : 1 Handful
Coconut : 1 Cup
Tamarind : 1 Small Marble size
Ingh : a pinch
Salt : required.
Method : Grind all the ingredients together with little water till paste and remove from the mixi jar to a serving bowl. It goes well with all the main dishes. Even plain rice or masla rice. Palau.
    Note : Do not use more leaves. ( It is heat content and you might get boils in the tongue). Using more coconut  is optional. Adding Mustard spurt is also optional.
Serves : 3 to 4.
Time : 10 minutes.

Ondelaga leaves are different from Brahmhi Leaves. ( They may contain some similar contents but they are different Plants).

 Ondelaga leaves :(Gottu Kola Leaves)
 Image result for ondelaga leaves

 Brahmhi leaves :
Brahmi health benefits and home remedies


  1. Healthy dosa n interesting chutney..

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe, this is one of my favorite chutneys. My Amma used to make this a lot in Mangalore, now I am here and she is there, miss her a lot. I do have a question, we normally don't get this Ondelaga leaves, once in a while we would get it from the Vietnamese market or sometimes in Indian markets, when I do get it can I freeze it and would it taste good if I use it later on?
    Thank you again!

    1. You are welcome Aun Sudheendra....I think you can freeze it but it might loose its content..taste will not be changed I think.
      You can try this way. Wash the leaves nicely and dry it out in the sun light. Then dry grind it and store ..this is just like kasuri methi...(Dry methi leaves).

  3. Thats a useful info about vallarai.loved the chutney too.

    1. Thank You Sathya ...for the good words...

  4. Very healthy chutney mainly for memory. Mixed dal Dosa too tastes great. I prepare dosa without curds but next time I will add and check how it tastes.

  5. Thank You Asha T..you said it right ..Ondelaga leaves are good for memory..power.. Try it out the dosa using curd and let me know the result..

  6. Super delicious dosa with ondelaga chutney. Very healthy too.

  7. Super healthy and delicious dosa....and the chutney is yummy:)

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  9. Tried dosa. Everyone in my family liked it very much. Now this is going to be regular in my house. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank You so much for the lovely comment...