Monday, November 26, 2012

Dry Dates - Nuts - Honey Laddus.

Dates and Nuts Laddus are very nutritious and has no sugar added and YOU can munch them
I have tried these laddu with nuts and dry  dates.(Uttutte as we say). Added Honey to bind all the ingredients well. You can munch these laddus any time of the day. Try and enjoy. These Laddus are good for kids and the elders .

Let us see the recipe now.

Things Needed :

Dates.Uttutte  : 1 cup.
Almonds : 1 Cup
Raisins : 1/2 Cut
Cashew Nuts : 1/2 Cup
Honey : 2 to 3  Tablespoons


1.Roast Almonds and cashews separately for 2 to 3 minutes and dry grind them for few seconds.
2. Cut dry dates into small pieces and dry grind it. (into powder consistency.
3. Now mix dates and nuts along with raisins nicely in a big bowl.

4. You need to kneed them thoroughly. Now add honey and mix well
5.Take a handful of  this mixture and prepare laddu.
6. Repeat the same with the rest of the mixture.
7. Serve " Dry Dates and Nuts - Honey Laddu at any time of the day.

Note :
Do not add any ghee while dry roasting. Cut the dry dates before dry grind. (It is bit hard to grind the whole dry dates). Adding more/less honey is optional. No need to add any sugar or jaggery to the laddu. No need to dry roast dry dates.
Time : 20 Minutes.
15 Laddus can be prepared.


  1. delicious ones! Thanks for posting this recipe. Will try them.