Sunday, August 4, 2013

Badam Halva ( Almond Halva).

Almond Halva  is a sweet dish and you can have them after meal or at any time of the day.
Things Needed : 
Almonds : 1 Cup.
Milk : 1/2 Cup.
Sugar : 11/2 Cup
Cardamom : 4 to 6 Seeds.
Ghee : 1/2 Cup.
Method : 
Soak Almonds in hot water for 10 minutes and remove the skin.  Powder the cardamom and  grind almonds in milk  till paste and  put it in a big pan.  Now add sugar to the ground mixture and mix nicely.  Keep the pan on the fire and and stir nicely till it thickens. Add powdered cardamom to it. Add  2 table spoons ghee and mix it nicely.  Put off the gas and put 2 table spoons of ghee again and mix it again and pour it in a tray.  Serve the Almond Halva when it is cold or warm. (Can remove from the table spoon to serve ).
Note : Should be done on low flame. Can add more ghee to give a better taste. Can add saffron to the Halwa to make it more richer.  You can also stir the Halwa lttle more and pour it to a greased tray anc cut  it into small pieces . ( Almond burfi ).


  1. very famous, Very healthy and every Indian family-er dish.. like it..

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  2. Thanks for the information Mr. Arpit Kothari...