Monday, August 12, 2013

Kai Kadabu.( Coconut - jaggery Sweet Kadabu).

Kai kadabu is made with coconut, jaggery, cardamom and rice flour. Kai kadabu is a sweet item and you can have them for breakfast evening snack or for dinner too.
Things Needed :
Rice Powder : 2 Cups.
Coconut : 11/2  Cup .
Jaggery  : 1.2 cup.
Salt : a pinch .
Cardamom : 5 to 6 Seeds.
Water : 3 Cups.
Method :
Powder cardamom. Keep jaggery on the pan and heat. Add fresh coconut ( 1/2 cup ).  and mix on low flame nicely till it mixes well. ( First it will be little watery and then thickens. Do not stir its too hard. ) Remove from the pan when it mixes well.  Add cardamom and leave it for cooling.
Now keep a big pan on the fire. Put 3 cups of water. Let the water boil. Now add rice powder to the boiling water and stir for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from the pan  and mix it nicely. ( You can wet your hand with normal water in between to mix the hot rice flour mixture nicely).
Take a handful of dough and flatten it on the palm.  Add 1 tea spoon of coconut jaggery mixture and close the edges.  Do the rest with same and prepare kaikadabu.  Now you arrange these kadabus in a idly cooker or pressure cooker and cook for 25 to 30 minutes. Serve Hot Kai kadabu with a spoon of fresh ghee on the top.
Note : Must put 2 to 3 cups of water in a idly cooker or pressure cooker . Keep a bowl or plate and then keep another plate on the top o;f the bowl  and then arrange it on the second plate and cook Kai kadabu. See that the water from does not touches the kadabu. .  Can use more coconut mixture if you wish. Can add more jaggery to the coconut mixture.  Can touch with ghee instead of water while flattening the rice dough.
8 to 10 small Kaikadabus can be made.

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