Wednesday, October 9, 2013

French Beans Moong Dal -Dry Palya

French beans are very low in calories and contain no saturated fat. It is very good source of Vitamins and rich source of dietary fiber. Beans contain excellent levels of vitamin A, good amounts of vitamin-B6, Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin C. French Beans also contain healthy amounts of minerals like Iron, calcium, mangnesium, manganese and potassium. Using Moong dal is also very benificial to the body. Its easy to digest and high fiber and nutrient content.

Here is a recipe of French beans and Moong Dal Palya or dry curry. This dry curry goes well with chapatis, pooris, plain rice and any kind of rotis. Its a healthy dish and easy to prepare and it has not much of spice even children and all age group people will definitely love the dish.
Things Needed:
French Beans : 200 Grams.
Moong Dal : 100 grams.
Green chilly :1
Fresh coconut : 2 Table spoons.
Turmeric powder: a pinch
Mustard seeds :1/2 Tea spoon
Urd dal : 1/2 Tea spoon
Jeera (Cumin seeds): 1/4 tea spoon
Grated Ginger : 1/2 Tea spoon
Salt : to taste
Curry leaves :5 to 6
Coriander leaves : 1 Table spoon
Oil: 1 Tea spoon
Ingh: a little

1. Wash french beans and cut it into small pieces. ( You can also use food processor to cut the vegetable).
2. Wash and keep moong dal aside. Wash green chilly, coriander leaves and curry leaves and cut it into thin pieces.  Grate coconut. Wash and grate ginger and keep it aside.
3. Now keep a pan on the fire. Add oil and heat. Put mustard seeds and urd dal when the oil is heated. Let it spurt. Add jeera and curry leaves and little ingh.
4. Mix it nicely and add cut beans and stir once. Add moong dal and green chilly.
5. Add turmeric powder and fry along with beans for 10 to 20 seconds. Add required water and cook until water disappear and the beans is cooked. (abt 5 minutes will do).
6. Stir inbetween so that it does not  get burnt. When it is half cooked add salt
7. Add fresh coconut and cut coriander leaves and stir once again and cook only for 1 minute and remove from the pan and put it in a serving dish.

8. Serve with Hot Rice or capati or poori. It goes very well with plain dosas also.
Notes :
Do not put lots of water and over cook the beans. You can add cut onions along with beans and moong dal. The taste differ. No need to add lots of oil since the coconut contains oil. Fresh coconut gives a better taste. Must add coconut when the water disappear completelyfrom the vegetable to get the correct texture. Do not cook for long time after adding coconut to the palya. Coconut looses its benifits. You can serve this palay as Kosumbari also. (One of the side dish used during the festivals or feast).
Serves : 3
Time : 25 Minutes.

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