Monday, December 2, 2013

Mentya (Fenugreek seeds) Guli appa (Sweet + Khara)

Fenugreek seeds are known as Mentya in Kannada Language, methi in Hindi, vendyam in Tamil. It is strongly aromatic and popular spices and widely used. It is recognised for cullnary as well as for medicinal properties. Traditionally fenugreek seeds are being used to cure digestive problems. Fenugreek seeds are rich source of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. These seeds are a very good source of soluble dietary fibre. if used regularly fenugreek seeds may help control cholesterol. as well as high blood sugar levels in diabetics. Fenugreek seeds also help the nursing mothers.
Here is a recipe of Fenugreek seeds guliappa, a traditionally done snack which is also known as Gundu ponglu, Paddu or Kuli appam. We use a special pan to prepare guli appa, It looks as a small ball you can say. Its round, soft and fluffy. Sweet and Khara (spicy) , two varieties of guliappas can be prepared. Guli appas can be eaten for break fast, as snack or for dinner too. I am sure all age group will definitely like it.

Things needed:
Besic dough
Fenugreek seeds :1/3 of the cup. ( what ever the measurement you use)
Raw Rice : 3 cups.
Urd Dal : 1 Table spoon ( or first ful)
Salt : to taste.
Water: required.
Oil: 1/2 Cup
Method :
1. Wash and soak raw rice and Fenugreek seeds together for 3 to 4 hours.
2. Grind them together till paste. The consistency should be like dosa dough consistency.
3. Add salt and leave it ferment. (over night).

Sweet Version 
Things Needed :
Already ground dough : 2 Cups
Jaggery : 3 to 4 Table spoons. (1/2 cup)
Tender coconut flesh : 1/2 cup

Method : 
1. Grind or cut tender coconut into small pieces.
2. Powder jaggery .
3. Now add jaggery and ground coconut to the Guli appa dough and mix it well.
4. Keep a Guli appa pan on the fire. Heat and put little oil to all the moulds.
5. Take a spoon of dough and fill all the moulds by filling them with the dough.
6. Cover the lid and cook on medium and on slow flame.
7. Now sprinkle oil to all the guliappas and turn them and cook on other side of the appa.
8. Cook for 1 minute and remove the guli appas from the pan.
9. Repeat the same with the remaining dough and prepare guli appa.
10. Serve them hot with little ghee on the top and the chutney you have prepared.

Khara (spicy) Version.
Things needed :
Guli appa dough : 2 Cups.
Green chilly : 2
Ginger : 1 Table spoon
Coriander leaves : 2 to 3 Table spoons.
Tender coconut flesh: 1/2 cup.

Method :
1. Wash and cut green chilly, coriander leaves and curry leaves into small. Grate ginger.
2. Grind tender coconut flesh and add it to the dough.
3. Now add grated ginger, coriader leaves, curry leaves and cut green chilly and mix i
4. Keep guli appa pan and heat. Put oil and put guli appa dough to each mould with the help of the spoon. Put little oil on the each guli appa and cover the lid and cook for 2 minutes.
5. Now cook the other side of the guli appa for a minute and remove from the pan.
Serve Hot and Sweet Guli appas with the chutney you have prepared. Put a spoon of ghee on the top of Guli appa just before serving.

Note : The dough should be ferment well before you prepare guli appas. Or the guli appa will not come out properly. You can also add more jaggery if you wish. Coconut can be used instead of tender coconut flesh. The taste differ. You can also use cut onions to the khara version. Cut onions into small and mix it with the dough and prepare khara guli appas. Using non stick Guli appa pans will help you to reduce the use of oil.

Time : 40 minutes. +  soaking, grinding and ferment.
Serves : 5 to 6


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