Monday, November 17, 2014

Colocassia (Kesu) Leaves and Stem Curry

Kesu or Colocassia leaves  dishes are very famous in South Canara. The weather conditions are very good for these plants. We do many preparations using these leaves and stems. For example Patrode a traditional food is loved by all. Even Gujarathi side they too prepare similar food using Colocassia leaves. These leaves grow well during winter and rainy season. It helps to keep the body warm.
The leaves and stems are also used for chutney or some curries. Here is a colocassia leaves and stem curry and I have used Bajji Menasiana Kai ( Bonda Chilly ) which adds a flavour and taste to the curry.

Lets see some benefits of eating Colocassia Leaves.
Colocassia leaves and roots contain Protein. It is one of the good dietary fiber. It contain less fat and zero cholesterol. It contain the minerals like sodium, potassium, copper, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and zinc. They also contain Vitamin C, Vitamin Aand Vitamin K. It is an anti oxidant and promote good health.
Here is a recipe of  "Colocassia Leaves and Stems" curry can be eaten with plain rice, roti, chapati, poori, Idli and dosa.

Things Needed :

Colocassia Leaves : 8 to 10
Green Bajji Chilly : 2
Red Chilly : 4 to 5
Urid Dal : 2 Tea spoons
Coriander Seeds : 1 Table spoon
Methi Seeds : 1/4 Tea spoon
Jeera : 1/2 Tea spoon
Tamarind Pulp : 3 to 4 Table spoons
Jaggery : 3 to 4 Table spoons
Coconut : 1 Cup
Salt : to taste
Oil : 1 1/2 Tea spoon
Mustard seeds : 1/2 Tea spoon
Urid dal : 1/2 Tea spoon
Methi seeds : 4 to 5 seeds
Curry Leaves : 5 to 6

Method ;

1. Wash and remove the back strip slightly on the leaves and cut stems and leaves into small.  Remove the seeds from Bajji Chilly and Cut in to small.

2. Soak tamarind in hot water and squeeze out the pulp and keep the pulp aside. Grate coconut and keep it aside.

3. Keep a small pan on the fire and heat. Add  1/2 tea spoon of oil.
4. Add methi seeds and urid dal and fry on low flame till they turn slightly brown.
5. Add coriander seeds, red chilly, 3 to 4 curry leaves and fry for 1 minute and put off the gas.

6. Add jeera and mix all the ingredients well. Add coconut.

7. Grind this fried spice mixture and coconut with little water till paste and keep it aside.

8. Now keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add a spoon of oil. Add mustard seeds and methi seeds.(not more than 4 to 5 ). Add little jeera.
9. Let the mustard seeds splutter. Add ingh( Asafoetida) and curry leaves.

10 Add cut colocassia leaves, stems and cut green chilly. Mix it nicely.
11.Add tamarind pulp, salt and turmeric powder. Let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes on low flame.
12. Add jaggery and mix it well. Let it boil for 1 minute.

13. Add ground coconut mixture and add little water. Let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes.
14. Stir in between and put the colocassia curry to a serving dish.

15. Serve with hot rice and a spoon of fresh ghee.

Note :

1. The tamarind pulp should be used exactly ( or the leaves may give out itching irritation while eating) . Adding more or less jaggery is optional. Adding Onions and garlic is also optional. Adding onions and garlic taste differ. Do not use more methi seeds since it might give bitter taste. Adding Bajji Menasina kai ( Bonda chilly ) is also an optional.
Serves : 3 to4 
Time : 20 minutes.


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