Monday, May 4, 2015

Almond - Poppy Seeds Drink

Ready to Serve Almonds -Poppy Seeds Drink.

Almond - Poppy Seeds Drink helps to cool your body. Both the ingredients are cooling agents. This is one of the healthy drink I have seen my aunt used to prepare.She used a table spoon of fresh coconut along with poppy seeds instead of almonds. Fresh coconut helps the poppy seeds to grind nicely since they used the grinding stone with hands. Fresh coconut milk is adds the value to the health. Consuming fresh coconut is good for increasing good hormones in our body. In those days almonds consider to be very rich people food and it was used in rare and special occasion by common man.

I have used poppy seeds, almonds, jaggery (liquid form of fresh jaggery) and a pod of cardamom.
Lets see some benefits of adding almonds, poppy seeds and jaggery in our diet.
Almonds are good resource of mono unsaturated fats. They help to lower the bad cholesterol(LDL). Eating almonds regularly in our diet help to raise good cholesterol.(HDL). It protects against cancer and prevents diabetes. It helps to boost energy and helps to prevent birth defects.Strengthen the bones and teeth. It is a good remedy for anemia and takes good care of our hair.

Poppy seeds contain good amount of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. They are rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and they help to maintain overall health  Poppy seeds are used for mouth ulcer which is caused by heat, since they have the quality of cooling the body. Poppy seeds contain good amount of fiber and it is good for people who suffering from constipation. Poppy seeds are known for inducing the good sleep. It is well known fact that,  drinking Gasagase ( in Kannada language) payasa, puts the person to a good sleep. :) .They help to improve heart health and prevent bone damage. They help to boost energy and fight against the  skin infections. They also help to boost immune. They contain minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and copper.

Jaggery helps for good digestion and prevents constipation. It helps to cleanse the liver. It also helps to increase the immunity in our body. It balances the hormones and helps you to stay in good mood.
Having a glass of Almond- Poppy seeds Drink helps you to be good energetic, keeps you fresh, helps to glow your skin in hot summer.

Things Needed:
Poppy seeds : 1 Table spoon full.
Almonds : One handful
Cardamom : 1 Pod
Jaggery : 2 to 3 Table spoons.
Method :
1. Clean and soak poppy seeds for 5 minutes.
2. Soak almonds in hot or normal water and remove the outer skin and keep it aside.
3. Grate jaggery and powder it. ( I used fresh jaggery (liquid form).
4. Remove the cardamom seeds from the pod.
5. Grind all the ingredients except jaggery with little water till it turn into paste.
6. Add jaggery and churn for 2 minutes and let it mix well.
7. Now pour out the mixture and add required water and make the drink into little thin.
8. Put it to the serving glass and serve. Add ice if you like just before serving . ( I did not).

Note :
Clean the poppy seeds since it might contain small particles of sand. Soak it nicely. so it turns into paste when it grinds. No need of roasting the poppy seeds. You can also add fresh coconut while grinding. It adds to the aroma of the drink. ( I did not).
Adding more or less jaggery is optional. No need of adding milk to it.
Time :  10 minutes
Serves : 2.