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Fresh Ghee

Fresh Ghee
You may be thinking whats this? It just preparing ghee procedure. Many of them do not know how to prepare ghee from butter, I bet. They feel that buying ghee from the grocery is well and good. Though they know the benefit of making ghee is lot better than buying it from out side. There may be many brands, advertizing that their brand ghee is just like home prepared. But thats not sure. It does not smell the same. To know the difference of home made ghee and the shop bought ghee, you must try to prepare ghee at home. It is not only good for health, it is fresh and aromatic.
I do prepare ghee at least once a week. We have a habit of eating ghee with rice, idli dosa, pulka , roti or rotti. At least a little ghee should be eaten every day.
Let us see the benefits of eating ghee in our diet.
According to a nutritionist, ghee is good for the nerves and brain. It contain high levels of Omega -6 fatty acids and omega - 3 fatty acids which is ideal for overall health. Ghee is high in saturated fats and it is ideal for  cooking Indian food. It is rich in antioxidants. Ghee helps in digestion of the food. Ghee is good beauty enhancer. In Ayurveda ghee is used as moisture agent. Ghee helps to melt stubborn fat. Ghee has essential amino acids that helps and allows the fat cells to shrink in size. Ghee is good for people suffering from joint pain. It also improves our memory and vision power. Ghee has powerful anti-viral and anti - fungal  properties and strengthens the immune system.
Now lets see how to make ghee from butter. It can be home made butter or bought one. You get good butter packs with Amul and Nandini. They are the one I use most  of the time.

Things Needed : 

Butter : 500 grams pack
A big bowl or pan.

Method :

1. Bring the butter to normal temperature. ( Just take it out from the fridge and keep it out just before 20 minutes).
2. Keep a big bowl on the fire and put butter. Let the flame be medium until it melts completely.
3. Now bring down the flame to very low and keep watching.
4. It melts completely and starts boiling.
5. Stir slowly and let it boil.
6. It starts making a zzzzzzzz sound.
7. Once it is done ( butter turns into ghee) the sound stops.
8. It starts coming up. You can stir slowly.
9. In this process it slowly starts circle in small and the ghee slowly seen through the circles. So it is done.
10. Put off the fire once you see the circle breaking up in middle.
11. Leave it for 1 to 2 minutes and pour ready ghee to a steel box. .
12. Use a Strainer while pouring the ghee to a bowl. (to avoid all the unwanted mixture).

Note :

You should put off the fire once you see the circle breaking up or the ghee may get burnt and smells burnt. You should be very very careful while preparing the ghee. You should be present util its done. You can put  2 to 3 cloves while the ghee is prepared. You can also drop a  Beetle leaf  in the ghee , just after the ghee is done. They add to the aroma. But I do not do that. Plain ghee is fine to me. Just before preparing any sweets I do prepare fresh ghee to make use of it in the sweet. Sweet turns into superb taste. Try it out and let me know How did you like this post. Do not Use a glass or plastic bottle to store the ghee, when it is piping hot. Plastic may melt and glass bottle may break. ( Because of high temperature in the hot boiling ghee). Make sure you use the right brand of butter. Some butter may be used as butter only. Do not try to melt those. In Karnataka Nandini butter we get and it is one of the good brand butter. Try to use " Unsalted Butter ".
Time : 10 minutes.
Serves : according to your need.
One Should Know and  Note:
Ghee has numerous benefits but people with heart disease, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity should avoid or reduce the intake of ghee. 


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