Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweet Diamond cuts.

Sweet Diamond Cuts is snack and can have with tea. These diamond cuts are sweet and crispy.
I have used maida / All purpose flour, sugar and little salt.

It is very easy to prepare and taste does not change for a long time or it does not get into saggy.
Lets see the recipe now:

Things needed:

Maida /All purpose flour : 2 cup
Sugar : 2 to 3 Tablespoons.
Ghee or butter : 1 Tablespoon
Salt : a pinch
Oil : 1 cup
Water : As required
Jeera or Sesame seeds : 1/2 Teaspoon

Method :

1.Take a bowl and add ghee and sugar mix well.

2. Add maida/ all purpose flour and mix it with sugar content.
3. Add water (little by little ), jeera and a pinch of salt mix well .
4. Prepare chapati dough. (chapati dough )
5. Kneed the dough thoroughly and make in to balls.

6.Take each ball and roll as chapati.

7. Cut that into desired size. (with the help of knife or the cutter)

8. Keep a frying pan on the fire. Add oil and heat.
9. Fry cut sweet diamond cuts on medium and slow heat. (low flame).
10. Fry on both side till it turn slightly golden brown.

11. Remove it and put it on a kitchen tissue.

12. Put the diamond cuts in a glass jar/or air tight box. Serve with cup of tea/coffe/juice.

Note : 
You can use oil instead of butter or ghee. ( Heat 2 table spoons of oil and mix with maida
(all purpose flour and leave it for cooling). Adding sugar can be more/less. Fry diamond cuts on low and medium flame to get the best cuts.
Time : 20 Minutes.

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