Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rava - Banana Poori

Ready to Serve Rava -Banana Pooris.
Rava - Banana Pooris can be eaten for breakfast, as snack or for dinner. Banana Pooris are done with Chiroti Rava, wheat flour and  banans. We Mangalorians love Buns that is normally prepared using Maida (All purpose flour) and sugar. Rava is Semolina.
Now a days people have become very very conscious. Many hesitate to eat food items prepared using maida. On the other side people are addicted to fast food which is harming the their lives. One must give little concern and avoid eating these items at least very often.Reduce it if you addicted to these fast food. Try out home made food and surely you will know the difference.
I have tried to prepare pooris using Chiroti Rava (small size semolina), bananas, little curd. No sugar or any sweet is added to this poori. The banana adds sweet to the poori and a mild taste of sweet really nice. You don't have to keep the dough for some time to rest. After mixing straight away you can prepare them.
Eating oily food is not a healthy habit though every one love to eat friend items. I am such one person and will be looking for a chance to grab. By good exercise you can burn out the extra weight.

Things needed :

Wheat flour : 2 Cups
Chiroti Rava ( Thin sized Semolina ) : 1 Cup
Banana : Ripen : 2 (Used small elakki bananas)
Curd : 2 Table spoons.
Ghee : 1 Tea spoon
Oil : 1 cup
Salt : a little

Method :

1. Take a big bowl and put curd and banana. Smash them nicely with the help of hand.
2. Add wheat flour, salt, chiroti rava, a spoon of ghee. Mix it and prepare dough. ( Do not add any water).
3. Keep a small pan on the fire. Put oil and heat.
4. Divide the ready poori dough in to small balls. Roll them as small pooris.
5. Fry them on medium flame on both side.
6. Remove from the oil and put it on a kitchen tissue. (It helps to absorb extra oil).
  7. Repeat the same and prepare pooris with the rest of the dough.

8. Serve them with the side dish you have prepared.
9.Hot pooris are very nice to have. We had it with Cucumber coconut curry and coconut mango Chutney.

Note :

Do not keep the dough for resting. It might absorb more oil. No need to add any cooking soda while preparing. You can add more bananas to give little more sweetness to the poori. Do not add more ghee while preparing the dough. It is easy and good for kids snack box and you can also take them when you go for long journey. Adding little salt adds to the taste.
Time : 30 minutes
Serves : 4.


  1. rava and banana combination is really good...I just prepared sweet paniyaram...pori looks delicious

  2. Nicely puffed........looks yumm!

  3. Wow a very innovative recipe....The pooris have puffed up so nicely!!

  4. New recipe to me .. i never even heard that bananas can be use in puri too...and after using rava and banana your puries puffed so well ...thats the great part

  5. Thank you Priya PandyaJoshi...Try it out you will love it

  6. fluffy and yummy puri's. innovative idea.

  7. very unique poori!! looks yummy!!