Saturday, March 24, 2012

Raagi -Milk Shake

Raagi Milk Shake is  one of the healthy drink that helps you to be strong and energetic whole day. It provides energy, fiber and keeps you fit during the summer.
I have used Raagi/little millet huri hittu (Ragi roasted and powdered), honey, almonds and milk.
Let us see the recipe now :

Things Needed :

Raagi Huri Hittu Powder:  2 Tablespoons
Milk : 2 Glasses.
Fresh Rose essence  /Rose petals : 1 Teaspoon
Almonds : 4 to 6
Dates : 5 to 6
Honey : 2 Tablespoons

Method :

1. Take 2 glasses of boiled and cooled milk in a big bowl.

2. Put 2 to 3 tablespoons of water to Raagi Huri Hittu and mix it well. Remove the nut from dates.
3. Now put 1 cup of milk, rose petals, almonds and grind it nicely till almonds cut into small pieces.
4. Now add dates and grind it nicely. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey and grind it nicely for 2 minutes.
5. Remove it from mixi jar and put it in a big bowl.

6. Mix it well and pour it to serving glasses.
7. Serve this Raagi - Milk Shake cool or with normal temperature.

Note : 

Adding ice cube to the ragi milk shake is optional. Adding fresh ragi powder instead of huri hittu optional. (Dry roast the fresh powder at least for 2 to 3 minutes before adding). Adding jaggery/sugar is optional. Raagi contain very good minerals and vitamins.Use of ragi in your diet helps to balance the sugar level in your food. Just mix it and drink this raagi milk shake util last sip. Ading any essence is optional. I have used home prepared gulkand /rose petals dipped in jaggery.
Time : 10 Minutes 
Serves : 2 to 3.


  1. Dear Naliniyavare...
    Sounds yummy... How much water should I keep for boiling should I make ganji like??? Pls do clarify

  2. Namaskaara Visku ....
    If you are using 2 tablespoons of Raagi powder 1 cup of water will be enough..even it becomes thick you can add water when you are grinding this dough with other things. Let it be like ganji. ....Easy to grind....