Friday, June 15, 2012

Easy Mango Rasayana( Maveena Hannina Rasayana).

Mango season is Here. Ripe mangoes can be used for preparing many dishes like juice, thick Pulp, Mango curry, Mango Pachadi, Sasive...the list goes on. Here is a recipe which will help us to prepare a quick dish and Mango Rasayan will go very well with Dosas, Pooris , Shavige ( Home made noodles), and Bari akki dosa or neer dosa.
Things Needed:
Mango Fruits : 3 to 4.
Fresh Milk: 1/2 Cup.
Salt: a Pinch.
Jaggery: 1 Table spoon.

Method :
Wash and squeeze out the pulp from the ripe mangoes. Put it in a bowl. Add jaggery and milk and mix well. Add a pinch of salt to it. Easy Mango Rasayana is ready to serve. Serve with Dosas,

Pooris or Neer dosa. (Plain raw rice dosas).
Note:  You can also prepare Mango Rasayana with fresh coconut milk. ( Grate fresh coconut . Grind coconut with little water and squeeze out the juice from the ground coconut).  Add this coconut milk to the Mango pulp. Add jaggery and mix thoroughly and serve.  Eating lots of coconut will increase the Cholesterol level. So minimize the intake of coconut as much as possible.
Serves : 2

Ready to eat......
Mouth watering.......???

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