Sunday, July 7, 2013

Channa Daal Chutney & Vada

Channa Daal chutney is a  side dish , you can have this chutney with rice , idly, dosa, roti, chapatis.  Vada made from this chutney is a good startar and it can be eaten as evening snack.
Ingredients :
Channa daal : 2 Table spoons.
Red chilly : 5 to 6
Coconut : 1 cup.
Salt : to taste.
Ingh : a pinch.
Water : required.
Oil : 1 Tea spoon.
Curry leaves : 6 to 8.
Tamarind :1 table spoon of  pulp.
Method : 
Keep  a pan on the fire. Put oil and heat. Add channa dal and red chilly and roast till it is brown. Add curry leavs and ing to it. and put of  the fire.  Leave it for cooling . Grate coconut ( 1/2 of 1 coconut ).  Now grind roasted channa dal, coconut, tamarind pulp together till paste and add salt and remove from the  jar.  Channa dal chutney is ready to serve.
Note : You can also spurt mustard seeds and curry leaves to chutney.  Can add more chilly if you like spicy.  Soak  a small ball size of tamarind  to hot water and squeeze out the pulp and use it.
Serves : 2 to 3.

Channa Dal chutney Vada:
Things Needed:
Channa Dal chutney : 1/2 cup.
Oats : 1/2 cup.
Bread Slices : 6 to 8.
Coriander leaves : 2 table spoons.
Salt : Required.
Oil : 1 Cup .( To fry ).
Method : 
Roast oats for around 5 minutes and leave it for cooling.  Powder the bread or make it into small pieces and mix with channa dal chutney . Add roasted oats and cut coriander leaves and mix it nicely and prepare the dough.
Keep a pan on the fire. Put oil and heat.  Now  take a small ball size dough and flatten it on you palm and put it in  the  hot oil and fry on both sides. Fry on medium flame . Repeat the same with the remaining dough.. At time 3 to 4 vadas can be fried.  Serve the Vadas with tomato sauch or even you can have them as plain too.
Note : Do not use the stale channa dal chutney as it may give the bad result and smell. Can add Garam Masala powder to the mixture. (1/2 tea spoon). Can add cashew nuts also . Fry them on the  medium heat to get  good taste.
Serves 2 to 3.


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