Monday, July 15, 2013

Raagi Haalu bai./Finger Millet

Raagi/Finger Millet is one of the healthy grain that one should have in his/her diet. Many many dishes can be prepared using Raagi/Ragi/Finger Millet.

We can do rotti, dosa, pakodas/pakoras and sweet dishes like laddu and halubai, Huri hittu (Rosated flour), etc.
Halubai is something like pudding, which is ground or used ragi flour and then ground with fresh coconut and stir with all the ingredients. The ingredients are really very easy and we normally have it in our kitchen shelf.
Let us see the recipe Now.

Things Needed :

Raag  ( Finger Millet ) Powder : 2 Cups.
Water : 4 Cups
Coconut : 1 cup. ( Grated ).
Jaggery : 3/4 of the Cup.
Ghee : 2 ro 3 Table spoons.
Cardamom : 5 to 6 Pods.
Salt : a pinch.

Method :

1. Melt jaggery if it is hard. Just keep it in a big pan and put some water. It start melting slowly.

2. Keep a big pan on the fire and put jaggery and the water which is used for melting.
3. Strain the jaggery once the jaggery is completely dissolved. and keep jaggery water aside.

4. Grate coconut and grind it with cardamom pods. Use required water.

5. Keep a big pan on the fire and put cleaned jaggery water. Add ragi flour.

6. Add ground coconut and mix it well. Stir it on a low flame.

7. Add a tablespoon of ghee and stir till it starts to leave the edges.

8. Continue stirring for another 6 to 8 minutes. It starts to form a shape in the middle.

9. Add the remaining ghee and mix it well.
10. Greece ghee on a big plate or tray and pour the ready halubai mixture on the top of the plate.
11. Let it cool completely. Then you can cut it into desired shape and serve.
12. I packed some Ragi Halubai for my relatives.


Must stir continuously on low and medium flame to get the good result. ( Other wise it may get burnt and becomes difficult to stir ).You can add more jaggery to get sweeter taste. You can add more ghee too. The correct amount of  required water should be used. 1 Cup Raagi/Finger millet = 3 1/2 to  4 cups of water can be used. Adding any fruit like apple, banana is optional. One should do it on low flame to get the tasty Halubai.
Time : 30 Minutes
25 to 30 Pieces can be prepared.

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