Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easy Laddus ( Wheat flour Almond Laadu )

Wheat flour laddu is one of the easy laddu you can prepare quickly and it is easy to prepare.
We do prepare these wheat flour laddu for Gokulastami/Shri Krishna Janmastami because we need to prepare varieties of laddu for Prasadam that particular day. Festivals or feast or any normal day these laddus can be prepared for prasadam/Kids snack box/travelling purpose.

Here I have tried wheat flour laddu adding some almond flakes which are given by our daughter in law Vidya Ravi's sister, Veena /Krishnaveni Bidarahalli.
Wheat flour, sugar, ghee and almonds are used and that makes an energetic Laddu.
Let us see the recipe Now :

Things Needed :

Wheat flour : 2 Cups
Sugar : 1/2 Cup or little more
Ghee : 1/2 Cup
Almond Flakes : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Cardamom : 3 to 4  Pods

Method :

1. Remove the seeds from cardamom pods and powder with sugar and keep it aside.
2. Keep a pan and put a tablespoon of ghee. Let it heat. Add wheat flour and fry.
3. Fry till the raw smell disappear.
4. Put off the fire and put the fried wheat flour to a bowl.
5. Mix it nicely.
6. Add powdered sugar and almond flakes.

7. Add ghee little by little and mix it well.
8. Take a handful of wheat almond mixture and form a round circle laddu.

9. Add little more ghee if the mixture turns dry.
10. Put it in a serving dish. Let it cool. Store them in airtight bottle or box.

Note :

Use of little ghee to fry wheat flour is optional. You can use more. Use of more/less sugar is optional.
It always better to divide fried wheat flour and add little ghee when you are about to prepare laddu.
( Divide fried wheat flour into 2 to 3 portions. Take each portion at time and add 2 tablespoons of ghee. Mix it nicely and then prepare laddu. Repeat the same with remaining portions).
It is always better to prepare laddu when the fried flour is bit warm. Adding little more ghee is optional. You can use hot milk instead of ghee. Remember that laddu prepared using milk with not stay for long.
Time : 20 Minutes.
Serves : 15 to 20 Laddu can be prepared.

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