Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Easy Ottu Shavige

Ottu shavige is a traditional dish and its prepared using Rice. We can use any of these following like, boiled rice or boiled rice and raw rice or only raw rice or raw rice + beaten rice + grated coconut. Ottu shavige is very famous in Karantaka, We can have Ottu shavige for a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ottu shavige goes very well with coconut chutney, Kai huli, Majjige huli (moru lolambu), any pickle or with coconut milk, mango rasayana, banana rasayana, coconut with jaggery or only jaggery.  We can prepare Chitranna, Kai shavige or Puliyogre with Ottu Shavige. This dish is favourite of all age group, children like this since it looks like a string, others like it since its soft and nice combination of many side dishes. Here I used fresh Raw rice powder and prepared this Ottu shavige. You too try this Ottu Shavige and enjoy. If You do not have Shavige Mane (Shavige Mould), use the one which comes with chakkuli mould, which is used for semiya (the thinner hole). I too tried with the same mould.

Things Needed: 
Fresh Raw Rice powder: 2 Cups
Water: 3 1/2 cups
Salt : to taste
Oil or ghee: 1 Tea spoon (Optional)
Shavige or Semia Mould

Method : 
1. Keep water for boiling.
2. Put rice powder slowly when the water boils and stir until it is thick.
3 Stir for little more time and put of the gas.
4. Keep the rice mixture bowl down and wet your hands and mix the dough slowly. Wet your hand inbetween if you feel very hot.
5. Divide the dough in to small balls.

6. Steam these balls in a pressure cooker or Idly vessel for 20 minutes.
7. Now put of the gas and take each ball of the dough and insert in the shavige mould and press when the dough is hot.

8. Press the shavige on the plate according to your wish. (you can make a big shavige mudde or small one)                  

9 Repeat the same to the rest of the dough Keep the done shavige separately.
10. Serve Ottu shavige with the side dish you have prepared. Add coconut oil or ghee on the top of shavige just before serving.

Note: Do not add too much of water to the rice powder. The measurement is 1 = 2 or 1= 1 3/4.. You must mix the flour nicely with the boiling water and also later when you are preparing to steam the dough. Wet with your hands with water or ghee, Or else you may get the lumb and will not be able to press the shavige in smoother way since it stucks in the hole. Do not allow the steamed dough to get cool. It must be hot. If it becomes cool the dough becomes hard and you find it difficult to press the dough through the holes of the mould. Each time you insert the wanted quantity and them immedietly close the cover of the idly vessel or pressure cooker, so that the the dough remains little hot until you use.
Serves : 2 to 3
Time : 1 Hour. (The whole process).

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