Friday, September 6, 2013

Urd - Raw Rice Kadabu (Using Jack fruit tree leaves as Moulds)

Kadabu is made with Idly dough but using more urd and less quantity of rice. Using the jack fruit leaf as mould definitely gives aroma and the shape is also liked by kids, since its too soft all age group people love to have them. You can have these Kadubu with chutney, sambar, rasam , majjige huli, jaggery, chutney pudi or even honey will do. Along with fresh butter or ghee and little pickle also a good combination. We can have these kadubu for break fast, lunch, as evening snack or at night for dinner. These Kadubus are a healthy dish since it is done with steaming.
Things Needed :
Raw Rice: 3 Cups.
Urd Dal  1 1/2 cups
Salt : To taste.
Water : Required water to grind.
Jack fruit leaves: 20 ( Not so tender ones or not ripe ones).
Ready to serve Kadabu
1.Wash and soak rice and urd dal seperately for 3 to 4 hours.
2. Grind urd till paste using little by little water.
3. Grind Rice with very little water till rava consistency.
4. Now mix both the ground dough, add salt and leave it for ferment. (over night).
5. Pour ferment idly dough in jack fruit tree leaf mould and steam it in the idly container or pressure cooker for 30 to 40 minutes.
6.Separate the kadabu from the jack fruit tree leaf mould and serve with ghee on the top and the side dish you like the most.
7. Coconut chutney, pickle, chutney pudi, sambar, kai huli even sweet coconut milk  even mango rasayana  all go very well with this kadabu very well.
Note: The proposition of rice and dal should be the above said measurement. Some time the urddal quality will not be so good. So use little more urd than the said quantity. The dough should be ferment properly. Using a grinder to grind rice and urd dal will certainly gives a better texture. You can also long tumblers  (steel glasses) instead of jack fruit tree leaves. You can use medium size rava instead of raw rice.
Serves : 3  to 4

Steps to follow to make the jack fruit tree leaf moulds.


  1. Came here via "Foodie". Nice blog, Nalini-ji... There are so many practical recipes here that I'll be dropping in often to dig into them... Thank you :)

  2. Hello Soumya happy to see your complementary comment.
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  3. Hello Smitha I am happy you like kotte kadabu the comment..

    Nalini Somayaji

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