Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yellu -Kadale Kai Unde( Sesame- Ground Nut Laddu)

Sesame or yellu (in kannada) til (in tamil)  is good to eat during winter and rainy seasons  since our body gets dry during these seasons, eatables made with sesame or groundnuts will provide the needful to our body. Jaggery on the other side will help to supply iron. Yellu Unde is a sweet dish and will be liked by all. You can even make small laddus to pack it for school lunch box. The amount of jaggery is used very less in this recipe so that even diabetic people also can have a little of it. Make sure you prepare small laddus than usual size while giving it to diabetic people.
Things Needed : 
Black Sesame Seeds: 1 Cup or 100 Grams.
Ground Nuts: 1 Cup
Jaggery : 1/4 Cup.
Coconut: 1 Cup (Optional)
Water: 2 Table spoons
Ready to serve Sesame - Ground Nuts Laddus
Method : 
1. Roast Sesame seeds and ground nuts separately. Remove the skin of ground nuts when it is cool.
2. Now dry grind sesame seeds till powder and ground nuts coarsely and remove from the jar and put in a big bowl.
3. Keep a pan on the fire, Put jaggery and put water. Let it melt a little. Strain this jaggery to get the clean jaggery water.
4. Now boil this jaggery till bubble. Let it boil for 1 minute.(do not allow the jaggery to get thick).
5. Now put boiled jaggery to the sesame - ground nut mixture and mix it well.
6. Add grated coconut and mix it again and take a handful of the mixture and prepare laddu.
7.Prepare laddus with the rest of the mixture the same way .  (point no. 6).
Note: Boiling the jaggery to separate the dirt is good to follow since you get the pure jaggery. You can use more jaggery if you like more sweet in the laddu. Let the jaggery syrup bubble nicely or your laddu will turn very soft and will soon get spoiled.( too much moisture will develop the fungus). Keep a table spoon of ground nut and then dry grind the rest, then add the whole nuts while mixing. This way the laddu taste better. Adding coconut is an optional. You can even prepare laddu without coconut too. You can also use the copra  (dry coconut) instead of fresh coconut. You can also roast the fresh coconut for 2 minutes to remove the wetness in the coconut. Do remember all the note before you  try the Laddu.
20 to 25 Small laddus can be prepared.
Time: 30 Minutes.


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