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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Maavina Kayi Hindi / ಹಿಂಡಿ./chutney

This Mango Tokku is very easy to prepare and you can keep them in fridge for a long time. 

 I got some mangoes from my relatives and was lazy to prepare pickle. The nest day I remember and saw it has turned bit yellowish but it was hard and I could try this Mango chutney /tokku which is very easy and you can keep this tokku in the fridge for a long time.
This Mango Chutney is prepared during the end of Mango season. Now we can see raw mangoes in some shops these days. 
This type of tokku is prepared at my aunt's house. No need to be boiled or cooked. Raw mangoes are used to this chutney and it is called as Hindi /ಹಿಂಡಿ. 

Let us see the recipe now :

Things Needed :

Raw Savoury Mangoes : 2 
Red chilly powder : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Salt : 2 Tablespoons
Mustard seeds : 1 Tablespoon
Methi Seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Ingh/ Asafoetida : A little 
Oil : 2 Tablespoons 
To Season : 
Coconut Oil : 1 Tablespoon
Mustard seeds : 1Teaspoon
Ingh/Asafoetida : A little 

Method :

1. Remove the outer layer of mango and cut into small pieces.
2. Put salt and mix it well.

3. Dry roast methi seeds until it turns golden brown.
4. Dry grind mustard seeds and methi seeds and keep it aside.

5. Now grind cut mangoes with salt, red chilly powder, ingh and powdered mustard and methi seeds.

6. Do not add any water while grinding. You can use dry grinder /chopper.
7. Add a little turmeric powder and grind it. 
8. Let all the ingredients turn soft and completely fine.

9. Remove it from the mixi jar and add seasoned mustard seeds and ingh with coconut oil.

10. Leave it in a bowl till it is cooled and then store it in a glass bottle. ( Clean the bottle nicely before you put Hindi in to it). 

Note : 

Do not add any water while grinding.  Mangoes should be cleaned in dry clothes nicely before using it. Adding more chilly powder is optional. Use of savoury mango is must. Keep this mango chutney in a fridge to save for more days. I have used MTR Chilly Powder. 
You can add mango chutney to prepare Mango Chitranna. 
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves as you use it.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Arka Millet / Kodo Millet Mango Rice )

Siri Dhanya - Millets are known for their wonderful healthy qualities. Millets are gluten free and take care of our health. Arka or Haraka /Kodo Millet is one the millet family grain and used in our food dishes. I have prepared Haraka Mango Rice and it taste yummy.

Kodo millet is known as Varagu in Tamil, Arkalu in Telugu, ಅರ್ಕ / ಹರಕ in Kannada 
Let us see some benefits of eating Arka/ Harka Millet in our diet.
Millet grains are good to have because they are rich in nutrients, B - Vitamins and Calcium, iron, protein, zinc, magnesium. They are rich source of essential fats in our body. They contain high level of protein and dietary fiber. 
Millet helps to protect our heart, prevent diabetes, improve the digestive system. Eating millet helps to detoxify the body and improve our respiratory health. They also boost the immune system and gives energy and helps in nerve and muscle health.
Let us see the recipe now 
No Onion OR No Garlic is used in this Arka / Kodo Millet Mango Rice.
All you need is raw mango, green chilly, Arka millet and seasoning spices. 

Ingredients :

Arka /Kodo Millet : 2 Cups
Grated Mango /Any raw mango : 1 Small Cup (  3 to 4 Tablespoons).
Green chilly : 3 to 4 
Curry Leaves : 6 to 8 or little more 
Salt : To taste 
Coconut Oil/Ghee  : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Mustard seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Urid dal : 1 Teaspoon
Coriander leaves : 2 to 3 Tablespoons

Method : 

1.Clean Arka millet and wash. Pressure cook and keep it aside.

2. Wash and grate mango and keep it aside.
3. Wash and slit green chilly, cut coriander leaves and curry leaves.
4. Grate coconut and keep it aside.

5. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Put oil. Put mustard seeds and urid dal.
6. Let mustard seeds splutter. Add slit green chilly and curry leaves. 
7.  Add grated mago and fry for 2 minutes. Add salt, turmeric powder and mix it well.

8. Add cooked Arka millet and mix it nicely. ( Let the flame be very low).

9. Add 2 tablespoons of ghee and mix all the ingredients. 
10. Add grated coconut and mix it slowly. Shift the ready Arka Millet Mango Rice to a serving dish.

11. Add cut coriander leaves.

12. Serve with a cup of curd.

Note :

The proportion of water to cook Arka :  1 cup Arka : 2 Cups of water.
Use of onion or garlic is purely option. Use of any kind of cooking oil is optional. Adding Ghee to Arka Mango Rice adds to the taste. Use of more/less chilly is optional. Cooking Arka helps you to mix with mango mixture nicely. It should be cooled after cooking
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves : 3 to 4 .

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Raw Mango Traditional Pickle / Kethe Uppina Kai

Raw mango Traditional Pickle  as we call it is one of the traditional dish done with raw mangoes. This pickle  is used as one of the side dish with dosa, idli, rice, curd rice and many more main dishes. This pickle can be prepared it quickly.
It is so easy to prepare and we do enjoy eating with Ganji.

This pickle is so handy and it helps and eases our daily work . In South Canara in our homes we normally do not prepare chutney always. It has become a habit that we use varieties of pickles especially mango pickles. The varieties of mango pickle like, ಕೆತ್ತೆ, ಅಡುಗಾಯಿ, ಮಿಡಿ, ಹಿಂಡಿ, /kette, adugaayi, midi, hindi etc. Each type of pickle is yummy to taste and some last long at least for 2 to 3 years even.
This particular variety of pickle is done very easily and quickly. Normally when the raw mango starts this variety of pickle is prepared.
I have used raw mango, mustard seeds, coconut oil, and  red chilly powder.
I have used two  big raw mangoes.
Let us see the recipe

Things needed :

Raw mango : 2 :Big size
Mustard seeds : 2 Tablespoons
Salt : 5 to 6 Tablespoons
Chilly Powder : 3 to 4 Tablespoons
To Season/Temper :
Coconut Oil : 1 Tablespoon
Mustard seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Ingh /Asafoetida : A pinch

Method :

1. Wash and wipe mango with clean towel. Leave it for a few minutes.
2. Peel off the green outer layer and cut mango into very small pieces.
3. Take a big bowl and put mango pieces and salt. Mix it well and leave it for a day.
4. Now keep a pan on the fire and put a glass of water. Put a handful of salt and boil till it reduces to half.
5. Add salt water from the mango you have dipped. Let it boil for a minute. Put the cut mango pieces to boiling salt water and put off the fire. Let it cool.
6. Grind mustard seeds and chilly powder with cooled salt water. Let mustard seeds turn as paste.
7. Remove it from mixi jar and mix it with mango pieces. \
8. Let the ground paste and mango pieces mixes well.
9. Add coconut oil, mustard seeds and ingh/Asafoetida seasoning and mix it nicely.
10. Let it cool completely. Store it in a glass bottle and use it as you like. Better to store in fridge.


Remember that to wipe mango nicely and then use it. Adding more oil, chilly powder is optional.
Use of coconut oil is optional.
Any brand of chilly powder is optional. I have used MTR red chilly powder.
Time : 20 Minutes.
Serves : Depends upon the servings.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Green Channa - Mango Tokku Rice

Green Channa /Kadale kalu ( Kannada language/Karnataka/India) is available from December till February. I tried this channa with mango tokku which was prepared last year. It tasted yum.
You can try this dish with dried green channa too.

Lets see some benefits of eating Green Channa in our diet.
Green Channa is filled with fiber. They are good for controlling the blood sugar levels. It helps to keep you full for a long time. They are good for people who diet to loose weight.They are rich in protein and low in sodium. They  are rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamin B 9, vitamin A and C. They are rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals helps to keep our blood and bones strong.
I have used Mango Tokku, Green Channa, cooker rice and simple spices which are available in the kitchen store.
Green Channa - Mango tokku Rice is good for one pot meal, lunch box, travelling, brunch or dinner.
 Let us see the recipe :
No Onion or No Garlic in this  " Green Channa - Mango Tokku Rice ".

Things needed :

Cooked Rice : 2 Cups
Green Channa : Fresh /dried : 1 Cup
Mango Tokku : 2 Tablespoons
Cooking Oil : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Groundnuts : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Mustard seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Urid Dal : 1 Teaspoon
Curry Leaves : One Handful
Green chilly : 2
Salt : As required
Coconut :Fresh : 1 Cup ( 3 to 4 Tablespoons).
Coriander Leaves :  2 to 3 Tablespoons

Method : 

1. Wash and cook rice and let it be cool.
2. Remove the pods from channa plant and wash it once.
3. Cook till they turn soft.

4. Grate coconut and keep it aside.

5. Wash curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chilly. Cut coriander leaves and green chilly.
6. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add oil, mustard seeds, urid dal and let mustard seeds splutter.
7. Add curry leaves and cut green chilly. Add ground nuts and fry till they turn crispy.
8. Add cooked green channa and mix it well. Add Mango tokku and mix all the ingredients nicely.

9. Add cooked rice and mix it well. Let the flame be very low while doing the whole process.

10.Add required salt, little turmeric and a tablespoon of ghee. Mix it well.
11. Add coconut, cut  coriander leaves and mix once again. Shift the ready " Green Channa - Mango Tokku Rice to a serving dish.

12. Serve with a cup of curd and papad.

Note :

Use of any raw rice is optional. Water quantity should be
Basumathi Rice : 1 Cup : Water 2 Cups
Sona Masuri or any other kind of rice : 1 Cup Rice :Water : 3 Cups or little less.
Soak Green Channa if you are using dried ones.( Over night)
Drain water after cooking Green channa.
Use of more or less ghee is optional.
Use of fresh mangoes instead of Mango tokku is optional.
Use of chilly, more/less is optional.
Type : South Indian 
Time : 10 Minutes. (If cooked rice is done already) or Cooking rice : 20 minutes.
Serves : 3 to 4.
 Mango Tokku /Chutney

Monday, July 14, 2014

Raw Mango Shavige Baat

Shavige or Semiya(Vermicelli) is the main ingredient, which is made using rava or wheat normally. This is nothing but a  noodles in different shapes and sizes. We do prepare many dishes using Semiya. Semiya is called Shavige in Kannda (Langauage in Karnataka).  Shavige uppituu, chitranna, Puliyogre (Savoury tasty dish), Shavige Pulav, coconut chitranna, Shavige Payaasam or Semiya kheer as a sweet dish,  are some dishes to name.

The dish is known as Shavige in Kannda, seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, Shemai in Bengali, Sev in Gujarati, Sevalu in Telugu and Semiya in Tamil and Malayalam.

Here is a recipe of Shavige which is prepared using Raw Mango, it is some thing like Mavinakai chitranna ( Mango Shavige), we can have Mango Shavige Baat for breakfast, lunch, as evening snack and even for dinner. You can pack them for kids lunch box or for a long traveling, picnics or Outings. I am sure every one and all age group will definitely love to have this "Raw Mango Shavige Baat".
It is easy and quick to prepare. N

Ingredients :

Shavige : 2 Bowls
Raw Mango :1
Green Chilly : 2
Ginger : 1 Teaspoon
Curry leaves : 6 to 8
Coriander leaves : 2 Tablespoons
Mustard seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Urid dal : 1 Teaspoon
Jeera : 1/2 Teaspoon
Oil : 2 Tablespoons
Ghee : 2 Tablespoons.
Coconut : Fresh and grated : 1 Cup
Jaggery :  2 Tablespoons.
Salt : To taste
Water : Required water

Method : 

1. Wash and cut green chilly, curry leaves, coriander leaves. Keep it aside.

2. Grate coconut , Mango, ginger and keep it aside. Keep water for boiling.

3. Now keep a pan on the fire and heat. Put oil and mustard seeds, urid dal.

4. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add curry leaves, green chilly and jeera.
5. Add Semiya and fry them till it is roasted. 

6. Add boiling water and mix it nicely. Add salt, jaggery and grated Mango and ginger.

7. Cook on low flame till it is soft and the water evaporates. Stir in between to avoid get burnt at the bottom.

8.Now put off the gas. Add coconut and cut coriander leaves. Add ghee and mix it well.

 9. Shift the Mango Shavige baat to a serving dish.

 10. Serve with a banana and a cup of curd.


Do not add too much water as it looses the taste. 1 cup semiya 1 1/2 cup water will be enough. If the mango is too savoury add only half of the mango. Adding jaggery will add to the taste. But do not add too much of it. Adding green chilly will give more spicy tasty.
Adding ghee or oil is optional. Adding onions also optional.
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves : 4 to 5